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interactive trip to explore Niagara Falls from every angle, Watch video and hear the falls, High quality, professionally produced, specially edited video, Virtual reality allowing you to manipulate panoramas and maps, 100s of high quality photographs and supportive text all at the click of a mouse, It is the first and only CD-ROM of Niagara Falls with 360º virtual panoramas, QuickTime Virtual Reality technology used on this CD lets you explore Niagara Falls as if you were there, Niagara Complete Virtual Tour uses the latest technology to bring you the first interactive comprehensive guide to Niagara Falls, An ideal gift or tool for entertainment, education and a guide before and after visiting Niagara Falls, For Mackintosh and Windows, This innovative CD-ROM is: easy to use, fun and entertaining, self-paced tour, convenient and timely, gives being there experience, valuable travel guide, perfect gift or souvenir, affordable, Niagara clips, Niagara demo free, Niagara stock footage, 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